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unique molded geometries Seals Eastern can manufacture any rubber seal or part design to your unique engineering specifications. Our factory has captive mold making and rubber mixing for complete control of our quality and delivery. As a result, our rubber products are rubber seals, boots, bellows characterized by high quality, prompt delivery, and superior rubber formulations. We specialize in seals molded using high performance elastomers such as Aflas®, Viton®, HNBR, FFKM (Perflas®), Fluorosilicone, and other high performance synthetic polymers. Contact Us

Custom Molded Seals


O-rings to Standard and Metric dimensions

Fluoro-silicone o-rings

Rubber Bonded to Metal Seals

Rubber to Metal bonded components

Rubber Packer Elements and Packings

packer elements

Engineered Metal Components and Mold Manufacture

engineered metal components

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