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Controlled Strain Gasket

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Seals Eastern's Controlled StrainTM gasket

Controlled Starin Gasket Designed in principle to act as part o-ring and part lip seal but in the context of a gasket. It is an ideal design for sealing surface pockets (e.g. hydraulic manifold surface) or ports subject to any range of pressure.

How it works:
The rubber bead is deformed when in contact with a mating surface. Displacement of the bead is controlled by the concave groove in which it is situated. Contact with the mating surface causes the bead to collapse and assume a "mushroom-like" profile as opposed to its initial semicircular profile. By containing the displacement of the bead we effectively control the induced strain. Fluid pressure against the collapsed bead urges it against the mating surface thereby increasing the efficacy of the seal.

Where its used:
Our "Controlled Strain" gasket is in dozens of designs throughout the world delivering leak free service. It has been applied in transmission control modules, transmission housings, coolant ports, lubricant channels, and other systems requiring the sealing of surface pockets. Designs are available in most commercial polymers.

Reg. Patent No. 6,361,052 B1

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