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When you have invested in a high pressure gas re-injection project, the last thing you want is faulty seals shutting down your multi-million dollar investment. An unexpected lubricant or the introduction of corrosion inhibitors in the gas stream is all it o-rings, seals, oring resistant to explosive decompression for compressors. Shown is a Dresser-Rand compressor. takes to destroy a poorly formulated sealing compound. Likewise, an unexpected change in the gas composition, such as excessive carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide (sour gas) can cause dangerous problems. Seals Eastern formulates its high pressure seals for assurance against aggressive chemicals and gases while maintaining the ultimate mechanical properties in the seals. Our high pressure sealing compounds keep you and your customers out of trouble.

Rapid gas decompression ("RGD") in high-pressure applications can be a recipe for High pressure service seals, o-ring, orings for turbines seal failure. In fact, elastomers have a predictable swelling response in high-pressure gases such as CNG (compressed natural gas), methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide (sour gas). The destructive consequences of this swelling is not so much during the absorption of the gas but when the system pressure is suddenly relieved. In the phenomena of explosive decompression ("ED"), the gas absorbed by the polymer expands rapidly within the polymer upon the release of Caterpillar Solar gas turbine compressor requiring high pressure seals and o-rings. ambient pressure. The consequences to a seal can be catastrophic failure. Such failure can occur in gas compressors, down-hole applications, and other situations where high pressure is commonly encountered. Since the 1980s, Seals Eastern has supplied rapid gas decompression resistant seals to major manufacturers of turbine driven compressors, gas re-injection equipment, pumps, and other fabricators who must mitigate the effects of high-pressure gases in their equipment.

Gap measurement at whcich extrusion can occur High pressure differentials across seal glands in your equipment can cause low modulus rubber seals to extrude into the clearance between mating surfaces. Extrusion resistant rubber is essential for trouble-free sealing when your equipment operates with high pressure differentials and clearance gaps exceeding press-fit dimensions. Seals Eastern's RGD resistant materials are highly extrusion resistant within their respective polymer types.

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Rapid Gas Decompression Resistant Compounds by Seals Eastern

EPDM 7204 90 Y267-Type EPDM for geothermal steam service; Ultra-Low compression set
FKM 7248 95 RGD / ED resistant FKM rubber: ISO-23936-2 certified; Extrusion resistant
FEPM 7182D 80 Formulated AFLAS® high-temperature "sour" oil & gas service. RGD / ED resistant. Excellent acid and base resistance
FEPM 7182B 90 Formulated AFLAS® high-temperature, high-pressure carbon dioxide and "sour" oil & gas service; RGD / ED resistant: NORSOK M-710 certified; Excellent acid and base resistance
FEPM 7182A 95 Formulated AFLAS® high-temperature, high-pressure carbon dioxide and "sour" oil & gas service; ED / RGD resistant; Excellent acid and base resistance

ED Performance of 7182B and 7182D - NORSOK rating

D1418 Compound Thickness 5000 PSI @ 120°C 11,700 PSI @ 60°C 11,700 PSI @ 120°C
FEPM 7182D .210 0000, 0000 0000, 0000 0000, 0000
FEPM 7182B .210 0000, 0000   0000, 0000
FEPM 7182B .139 0000, 0000   0000, 0000

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