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Packer Elements of AFLAS®, Viton®, and other fluoroelastomers

Custom rubber seals for oilfield Seals Eastern was one of the earliest companies to manufacture downhole elastomer packer elements made using fluorocarbon rubbers. Today, Seals Eastern is known for the quality and performance of its HT/HP packer elements.

Rubber to Metal bonded seals

In the 1970s, we helped major Oil Tool companies develop high performance elastomer packer elements, metal bonded seals, and o-rings using formulated Fluorel® and Viton® for high temperature, high pressure (HT/HP) North Sea applications. This same period witnessed the development of Seals Easterns explosive decompression resistant rubber compounds for HT/HP.

Sour Service rubber / elastomers

In the early 1980s, we collaborated with customers to develop packer elements and other seals for HT/HP sour completions using formulated AFLAS®. Today, our 7182 Brand formulated Aflas is known the world over for its resistance to explosive decompression, ability to operate in excess of 200C, and its ability to withstand high pH corrosion inhibitors.

HNBR, Viton Extreme®, and other high performance materials for oilfield use

Custom rubber seals for oilfield In the 1990s Seals Eastern developed its line of HNBR (aka HSN) formulations for packer elements and seals. In the twenty-first century, Seals Eastern has pioneered packer elements made using formulated Viton Extreme® (ETP) and continues to test and qualify other high performance polymers by Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers, Solvay Solexis, Dupont Performance Elastomers, Dyneon (3M), and Zeon Chemicals. When you buy your oilfield packer elements, bonded seals, and o-rings from Seals Eastern, you will be buying the best technology available for your specified class of elastomer. To that end, we have invested well over a half million dollars in analytical capability to ensure our customers get the best. Visit our Materials Development center to learn about our analytical capability.

Companies producing oilfield equipment usually need a sealing expert

We help our customers become that sealing expert. We support our customers with knowledge acquired over 60 years of experience, numerous technical publications, white papers, and our never ending drive to understand new elastomers suitable for use in the oilfield. Let us help you improve the quality of the seals in your equipment. Contact Us

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