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Seals Eastern manufactures and supplies molded HNBR components and seals

HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), also known as Highly Saturated Nitrile ("HSN"), is special class of nitrile rubber (NBR) that has been hydrogenated to increase saturation of the butadiene segment of the carbon polymer backbone. Subsequent improvements to the material properties, over that of a nitrile rubber (NBR), include greater thermal stability, broader chemical resistance, and greater tensile strength. Nevertheless, HNBR is still a type of hydrocarbon rubber and should not be expected to deliver the chemical resistance or thermal stability of a fluoro-rubber.

HNBR is classified by ASTM as a DH-type polymer. This classification indicates 150ºC service temperature as well as less than 30% swell in IRM 903 oil. HNBR can be formulated to meet application temperatures ranging between -35°C and 150ºC.

HNBR o-rings, HNBR packer elements Seals Eastern is proud to have chosen Zeon Chemical Zetpol® brand of HNBR polymer as the backbone of our HNBR o-rings, seals, and packer elements. To learn more Contact Us.

Seals Easterns series of formulated HNBR compounds:

Ref# Duro Description
7345 70 General service o-ring and packer element rubber.
7346 75 -35C Tg extreme low temperature service rubber.
7336 80 General service o-ring and packer element rubber. 
7344 90 High modulus, high extension, general service.
7354 90 High modulus, extrusion resistant, low compression set, acceptable in H2S.

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