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Demanding Seal Applications Require Engineered Solutions

A high pressure, high temperature Oillfield seals, gaskets, and o-rings combination of natural gas, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide is a harsh environment for any rubber seal. However, Seals Easterns contribution of advanced technical papers and patents have tackled the problems. Consequently, we are a major supplier of high temperature, high pressure seals, o-rings, and packer elements that can help you solve some of your toughest oilfield problems.

seals resistant to aggressive chemicals Seals Eastern was the sole-source for all fuel and oxidizer seals in the "Lance" missile system. Fluoro-silicone and phenyl-silicone rubber were bonded to large aluminum retainers. Extensive studies on cross-linking, bonding technology, and surface chemistry resulted in the production of a successful missile system. Today, that experience has enabled us to consistenly manufacture high integrity rubber to metal bonded components for your demanding requirements.

A low warranty cost engine requires seals able to resist  hot HD diesel engine coolant seals stress-relaxation. Seals Eastern supplies millions of low compression-set seals that ensure leak-free service in heavy-duty diesel engine applications. Our seals have outstanding long-term performance in the presence of traditional coolants and the Organic Acid Technology ("OAT") coolants. Our seals also withstand modern engine oils that have been formulated to withstand higher operating temperatures. We can help you improve the reliability of your engines with our leak-free seals.

A rapid decrease in pressure for seals in high-pressure applications can be a recipe for failure. In fact, seals for high temperature, high pressure turbines rubber has a predictable swelling response in high-pressure gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. The destructive consequences of this swelling is not so much during the absorption but when the system pressure is suddenly relieved. In the phenomena of explosive decompression ("ED"), the gas absorbed by the polymer expands rapidly, as described by Boyles law, upon the release of system pressure. The consequences to a seal are catastrophic. Such failure can occur in gas compressors, down-hole applications, and other situations where high pressure is commonly encountered. Since the 1980s, Seals Eastern has supplied explosive decompression resistant seals to major manufacturers of turbines, compressors, gas re-injection equipment, pumps, and other fabricators who must mitigate the effects of high-pressure gases in their equipment.

Fuel system seals for ship fleets Poorly engineered rubber compounds can cause big problems. Some suppliers simply resell what they can source without any real control or ownership of the supply chain. By utilizing our complete vertical integration of manufacturing resources, Seals Eastern quickly solved a serious fuel system leaking problem for an internationally recognized shipping fleet. This customer understood and benefitted from the value of our integrated manufacturing and comprehensive services. We can do the same for you... Contact Us

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