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Manufacturing Seals, Gaskets, & O-rings Under Statistical Process Control

To ensure that you receive the most consistent high quality rubber products, Seals Eastern monitors critical attributes by Statistical Process Control applying statistical process control ("SPC") during the manufacture of your requirements. SPC allows to us to quickly identify and correct any "special" causes of variation to ensure our manufacturing processes delivers the best quality and consistency of your product.

On Time Delivery and Accountability

A world-class ERP system, by Sage, coordinates our customer ISO-9001 certified quality system orders, production plans, and inventories to ensure you receive on-time delivery with comprehensive lot traceability. Our Just-In-Time philosophy and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality systems enable Seals Eastern to employ its capital efficiently and serve you better.

Unique Rubber Specifications Require Unique Manufacturing

Our materials are designed to solve your Aflas molecules joined by TAIC sealing problems rather than our manufacturing problems. We resist the temptation of using processing aids that might impair the long-term performance of our materials. Subsequently, we develop innovative manufacturing processes to successfully mold our rubber compounds to your engineering specifications. Our staff of scientists and engineers work as a team with manufacturing to ensure your exact requirements are met.

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