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Elastomer (Rubber) Technical Papers

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The following papers are viewable as pdf files.

Elastomers / Polymers General
Base Resistant Elastomers
Polymers - A Brief Tutorial
Fluorine Containing Elastomers
Elastomers in Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Elastomers in Carbon Dioxide
HNBR in Carbon Dioxide
Elastomers in Hydrocarbons
Elastomers in Automotive Fuels, Oils & Fluids at High Temperatures
Elastomers in the Hot Sour Gas Environment
Sour Hydrocarbons - The Elastomer Challenge
Sealing High Pressures under Sour Conditions
Design Engineering with Elastomers
O-Rings for Low-Pressure Service
Mechanics of Elastomers at High Temperature
Rubber Under Strain - An Engineering Discussion
Seals & Sealing - Success & Failure
Elastomers (Urethane) as an Engineering Material
Designing With Elastomers
The Hidden Cause of Seal Failure
Elastomers in Coolants
Fluoroelastomers in Modern Engine Fluids
Long Term Testing of Base Resistant Elastomers (BRE) Suitable for Power Cylinder Systems
Elastomer Service Life Prediction in Organic Acid Coolants
Long Term Serviceability of Elastomers in Modern Engine Coolants
Elastomers in Lubricants
HNBR and Long Term Serviceability in Modern Auto Lubes - Part I
HNBR and Long Term Serviceability in Modern Auto Lubes - Part II
Elastomer(s) Compounding and Attributes
Fluorelastomer Compendium
Elastomers and Aging
Solubility Parameter Concepts - A New Look
Nitrile Rubber - Past, Present & Future
Vulcanization - Theory of Practice
Theory of Rubber Compounding
Dialkyl Phthalate Plasticizers
Thermal Stability of BPAF and TAIC Cured Fluoroelastomers
Testing and Process Improvement
Beyond Statistical Process Control: Rheology Gives Product Quality A Boost
Implementing SPC in the Materials Control Lab
Use of the MDR2000 to Resolve a Molding Problem
Low Temperature Testing and Glass Transition Temperature of Elastomers
Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis
Shore-A Durometer and Engineering Properties
Evaluating the Retention of Viscoelastic Properties for Extreme Long Term Service: A Case Study in Potassium Formate
Effects of Low Temp on Contact Stress
Predicting CSR in TFE-P (Aflas) Polymer Grades ater aging in ISO Simulated Production Fluid
Rubber Technology - Technical Chapters
Texbooks on Rubber with Chapters authored by Seals Eastern

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