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"We didn't write the book, but we've written several chapters..."

Daniel L Hertz, Jr., Company Founder and prolific contributor to the body of elastomer technology

Engineering design with Rubber "Engineering Design with Rubber", Elastomer Technology Special Topics,
K.C. Baranwal; H.L. Stephens; American Chemical Society - Rubber Div. (2003)
ISBN 0-912415-10-X
Halogen Containing Elastomers "Halogen Containing Elastomers", Handbook of Elastomers,
A. K. Bhowmick, H. L. Stephens; Marcel Dekker (2nd Ed. 2001)
ISBN 0-8247-0383-9
Engineering with Rubber "Chapter 1 - Introduction", Engineering with Rubber,
Alan N. Gent; Hanser Gardner (2nd Ed. 2000)
ISBN 1-56990-299-2
Specialty Synthetic Rubber "Specialty Synthetic Rubbers", Vanderbilt Handbook,
R. T. Vanderbilt Company - Norwalk, CT (14th Ed. 2003)
Fluoroelastomers Basic Elastomer Technology "Fluoroelastomers", Basic Elastomer Technology,
K.C. Baranwal, H. L. Stephens; American Chemical Society - Rubber Div. (2001)
ISBN 0-912415-07-X
Rubber products manufacturing technology "Sealing Technology", Rubber Products Manufacturing Technology,
A. K. Bhowmick, M. H. Hall, H. A. Benarey; Marcel Dekker (1994)
ISBN 0-8247-9112-6
Elastomers in modern engine coolants "Long-Term Serviceability of Elastomers in Modern Engine Coolants",
Engine Coolant Testing - Fourth Volume,
R. E. Beal; ASTM STP1335 (1999)
ISBN 0-8031-2610-7

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