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Compound Data Sheet

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Compound Data Sheet

ASTM Method Property Avg. Value Min. Value
D412 Method A Tensile Strength    
Ultimate Elongation  %  %
Stress at Elongation    
- M25    
- M50    
- M100    
Strain Energy/ Unit Volume at 20% elongation    
Calculated Shear Modulus, G    
Calculated Youngs Modulus, E    
E-secant from the initial slope    
D624, Die B Tear Strength   lbf/inch  
    Max Value Min Value
D2240, Type A Durometer Hardness   points   points
D297, 15 Specific Gravity    
D395, Test B Compression Set Avg. Value  
22 hrs @ %  
70 hrs @ %  
336 hrs @ %  

ASTM D865 - Dry Heat Aging:

Hours Aged Change in Tensile Change in Elongation Change in Durometer
70 hrs @ % %  points
168 hrs @ % %  points
336 hrs @ % %  points
1000 hrs @  %  %  points

Temperature Properties and Shelf Life:

ASTM / Other Description Value
D746 Brittle Point  
D1329 Temp Retraction TR-10  
  Glass Transition  
  Max Operating Temp  
  Shelf Life (years)



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