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2000-01-0923 Long Term Testing of Base Resistant Elastomers (BRE) Suitable for Power Cylinder Systems

Hertz, D.L. Jr., Farinella, A.C., and Bussem, H.
Seals Eastern, Inc. (1998)

     Longer warranties, improved performance and higher operating efficiency demanded by end-users are placing more rigorous service requirements on all engine components. Seals are particularly vulnerable due to their organic nature. This paper reviews a series of fluoroelastomers to determine their long-term serviceability when in contact with conventional high temperature lubricants and coolants. A typical application might be seals used for engine cylinder sleeves.

2001-01-1179 Elastomer Service Life Prediction in Organic Acid Coolants

Hertz, D.L. Jr., Farinella, A.C., and Bussem, H.
Seals Eastern, Inc. (2001)

     The objective of this test program was to review the potential physical and chemical changes of four candidate elastomers in engine coolant service. The glycol-carboxylic acid inhibitor technology coolant was selected due to its frequent use and appearance of being more environmentally acceptable as compared to currently used inorganic inhibitors. Within the limits of the test program, we reviewed physical aging using o-ring seals (ASTM D1414) and compressive stress relaxation. The chemical changes were monitored by reviewing surface changes (FTIR) using attenuated total reflectance and dynamic mechanical and rheological testing / thermal analysis, DMRT, which should reflect bulk property changes due to chemical attack.

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