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Rubber (Elastomer) Selection Guide

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Rubber, otherwise known as an elastomer or polymer is available in a number of molecular configurations or families. Our Elastomer Selection Guide is designed to let you examine the general properties of any family of elastomer (polymer). The ratings reflect the average performance of an elastomer family. Compounding and manufacturing techniques may improve or degrade the performance level noted in the guide.

"We don’t want to sell you our elastomer, we want to sell you the right elastomer."

Polymer Selection
Common Name
ASTM D1418 designation
Specific Gravity (gm/cm3)
Physical Properties at 21C (70F) 1-Excellent . . . 5-Poor
Tensile Strength -Reinforced, max (psi)
Elongation % - Reinforced, max
Compression Set
Permeability Coef.-Nitrogen 1
Electrical  Resistivity
Strain Relaxation
Mechanical Properties 1-Excellent . . . 5-Poor
Impact Strength
Abrasion Resistance
Tear Resistance
Cut Growth
Temperature Effects 1-Excellent . . . 5-Poor
Tensile Strength % change @ 212F
Tensile Strength % change @ 350F
Elongation % change @ 212F
Elongation % change @ 350F
Strain Relaxation @ 212F
Heat Aging @ 212F
Flame Resistance
Low Temp - Tg (glass transition)
Low Temp Stiffening (F)
Low Temp Brittle Point (F)
Environment Resistance 1-Excellent . . . 5-Poor
Weather--Sunlight Aging
General Chemical Resistance 1-Excellent . . . 5-Poor
Alkali (Base) Dilute
Alkali (Base) Concentrated
Acid Dilute
Acid Concentrated
Ketones, Oxygenated Solvents (mw < 80)
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Degreasers
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons, Kerosene, etc.
Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Benzol, Toluol, etc.
LP Gases, Fuel Oils
Alcohols (mw < 80)
Animal and Vegetable Oils
Synthetic Lubricants - Diester
Brake Fluid, non-petroleum base
Hydraulic Fluids Resistance 1-Excellent . . . 5-Poor
Petroleum Base
Water Glycol
Silicate Ester
Phosphate Ester
Lubricating Oils Resistance 1-Excellent . . . 5-Poor
High Aniline (190F +)
Low Aniline Point
Refrigerants Resistance 1-Excellent . . . 5-Poor
Methyl Chloride
Halogenated + Oil
Miscellaneous 1-Excellent . . . 5-Poor
Taste (1=neutral .... 5=foul)
Odor (1=neutral .... 5=foul)
Bonding to Rigid Materials

1 - (1/10^8cm2)(1/10sec)(1/10atm)

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