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AS568 O-ring Design in millimeters (mm)

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Fast DashTM - AS568 O-ring Metric Dimensions Guide

To get the dimensions of an AS-568A o-ring in millimeters, enter the 3-digit dash number and then press submit to get your "Fast DashTM" answer.

Dash No.   

To get a dash number based on dimensions select the cross-section and enter either the actual ID, or the actual OD in millimeters. Then press submit to get your "Fast DashTM" answer.

Cross-Section (mm): 1.78 2.62 3.53 5.33 6.99

Actual ID 
Actual OD  

For Standard (inches) - click here

AS-568A Dash Numbers and Cross-section Table

Dash Numbers
Cross Section

-004 thru -050 1.78 .076
-102 thru -178 2.62 .076
-201 thru -284 3.53 .102
-309 thru -395 5.33 .127
-425 thru -475 6.99 .152

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