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Custom rubber seals, gaskets, and orings, american made Seals Eastern manufactures the highest quality rubber o-rings, gaskets, and custom seals for industry. We specialize in sealing products capable of long term service in critical and demanding applications to help ensure your equipment runs clean, safe, and reliably.

premium quality seals, gaskets, and orings All of Seals Eastern's products are manufactured in the USA. Our factory has a captive mold making facility and a captive mixing facility, all of which operate under an ISO-9001 certified quality system and a state-of-the-art customer order and shop floor management system (aka "ERP" system). This allows us complete control over our quality and delivery so we can ensure you receive the best possible quality and service.

Dan Hertz Jr., founder of Seals Eastern: 'Rubber is an Engineering Material'. Seals Eastern has been an industry leader in studying and publishing on elastomer behavior and performance for more than 60 years. We understand that a successful seal must embody a proper engineering design and an appropriate sealing material. Our ongoing research helps us maintain our position as a trusted resource for advice on difficult sealing environments and problems. Equally important, our array of rheological and other analytical instruments supports our efforts in helping assure our customers have the most reliable seals available. Contact Us.

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