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Seal Materials Development Center Dan Hertz Jr., the founder and CEO of Seals Eastern, has always maintained the premise, and coined the phrase that Rubber is an Engineering Material.

Seals Eastern has always approached both rubber formulation and the application of rubber in systems by using scientific disciplines. Our motto is simple, "Rubber is an Engineering Material". It is upon this most basic premise that Seals Eastern has been so successful in solving customer's sealing problems for over four decades. We have invested more than a half million dollars in analytical instruments, testing instruments, measuring devices, and a comprehensive technical library. Our technical papers online represents only a small number of the numerous papers and chapters published by Seals Eastern. 

Seals Eastern's laboratory facility includes state-of-the-art instruments for the analysis of cured rubber, uncured rubber, and rubber compounding ingredients. The laboratory is equipped with instruments for Research and Development as well as Quality Assurance.

Our laboratory is designed to accomplish three objectives:
 1) Elastomer Quality Assurance;
 2) Elastomer and Seal Problem Solving; and
 3) Elastomer Analytics: characterizing the relationship between Rubber Chemistry and Mechanical Properties.

We possess the following instruments to meet these objectives:

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